The Designer

Every one of Casa Shamuzzi’s exquisite furniture collections are designed by Roberto Serio from Italy, revered as one of the world’s leading designers of our time.

Roberto Serio has an extraordinary career in furniture design, spanning over 20 years, during which time he has designed interiors for royalty and many world leaders including the Presidents of Italy, Spain and Egypt.

He is considered to be a unique genius designer, as one of the leading activist designers in Milan, Italy. Born in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean, with its beautiful scenery, long history, and rich artistic traditions, a “magic land” intertwined with many different cultures and unique civilisations, that continues to influence his designs today.

An exceptional and imaginative designer, Roberto Serio who is well-known for his innovative use of various new materials in his designs including wood, iron, ceramics and resin. His commitment to being “meticulous and dynamic” is a hallmark of his artistic expression. In order to design more superb pieces, he is always attracted by the full attainment of his passion and determination and belief in the creativity as the means for popularising thoughts, events, realisations and personality.

Experience the creative brilliance of Roberto Serio in every piece of furniture in the Casa Shamuzzi range.



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