The Company

Casa Shamuzzi was the dream of visionary founder Sofia (Shamuzova) Zigangirova, who heads the rising stars of new Dubai, the Stars Dome Group.

The Group was established on the principle of setting a new benchmark in excellence, innovation and creative flair in the luxury property market, through both its market leading Realty and Interior Design businesses. Casa Shamuzzi was born out of this intimate knowledge of the luxury property market and the deep understanding of the expectations of meticulous clients who expect nothing but the best. Casa Shamuzzi sees the dawning of a new era. An era of exceptional design, premium quality and value extraordinaire. A refreshing change, a change for the new world.

Headquartered in the inspiring city of Dubai, Casa Shamuzzi is a global company. Not only do we distribute our range of beautiful furniture pieces across the world, but we draw design inspiration and source our luxuriant fabrics, hides and accessories from exotic locations far and wide – Europe, Middle East, Asia, Oceana, the Americas – to bring clients truly alluring designs.

We are inspired by the ancient crafts of mankind and the miracles of nature – the deep and subtle colour tones and the combination of textures and shapes that reflect a sense of awe and wonder about our world. We also respect the environment through our “eco-leather” principles with no chemicals to destroy or alter the precious hides and damage the environment. Discover Casa Shamuzzi, it’s like a breath of fresh air in the world of international furniture design.



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